Sunday 1 August 2010

"It's a fez, i wear a fez now, fezes are cool"

The crooked Dice minis sculpted by Kev White..... planning on doing the Steve B Heresy ones too...but the Amy arrived to late for the original purpose....

Ok... So My other half ..(@carmel141 on Twitter) came to stay.... and I thought I'd do something for her....she's a Doctor who/Torchwood fan and after Andrew (pockets2020) pointed out the crooked Dice minis to her a while she said "Gawuff I want one" ..... now i'm not the worlds best painter but gave it a go for her ..unknowing to her...but i have been teasing her and giving clues over the last month 0;)

Anyway... i ended up turning the idea into a bigger teasing Game and Designed a Pandoricawee ...

The old box within a box trick.... 8 stages of teasing ...with little meaningful special gifts and creative poetic cryptic messages along the way...until the last box...stage 8 was met.."The Pandoracawee" full of creative whovian treasure

i backed out of the evil plan of putting a post it note in the last box saying...the final gift is back home waiting for you ...hehe that would have just been teasing :wink:

the pandoricawee.... if you watched doctor who then you know what the pandorica was...... it was a box created to hold the doctor...... i tend to call carmel ..Cawee :oops: *blushes* so added that to the end..... the last box... i made to look like the pandorica...but with special crypic writing ...english said in welsh written in the greek alphabet.... the last box the pandoricawee contained a miniature 11th doctor complete with a fez and mop and an amy pond miniature....that i painted/made for carmel

each stage/ box had a card with a meangful little gift and a hand written poem thing..the gifts were a couple of crafted necklace things made by me and gem stone things each with meanings to us..... was meant to drag it out and tease until carmel got to the last box and the proper gifts... a captain jack torchwood mug, doctor who pin badges (she collects badges ) and the two doctor who miniatures i painted.....

so enough embarrassing babble here are the minis.....

i added the mop and fez

each figure has a removeable glass dome dust cover too


  1. Nice touch! Fezes are indeed cool - must get mine out more often...

  2. Cute. The whole thing is very cute, and Thatsants is right - the fez is a nice touch.

  3. Cracking! Bet she was pleased as punch, thanks for sharing and keep smiling :) Fezzes ARE cool!

  4. Everyone needs a Fez, I agree. These look great. Fun minis, they are!

  5. Still got all 8 stages with their letters... Plus Amy & the Doctor have survived thanks the the little plastic covers! The mug sadly less so. RIP Greky xxx