Sunday, 28 March 2010

NATO Vehicles

An Update on the vehicles..
So.... The Real military Nato paint arrived and the models have been coated with Infra-red Reflecting (IRR), NBC Warfare Restistant NATO Green paint ;) the stuff was quite fumey, took ages for the smell to go even after being outdoors for a while, gave me a bit of a headache, but they seem to be ok now :)

Click for a bigger image
so..i started to do a bit of work on them..... started to paint the snatch land rover, and made some window grills/cages out of some wire and mesh....
Also started to make some glass windows for the pinzgauer out of some thin see through plastic sheet...
Click for bigger image
so the plan now is to continue painting them..... :)


  1. That's why you *really had a headache the other day! And you blame me... tut tut;p

  2. There are some great looking vehicles here Grek! I don't know whether I would have gone to the trouble of getting the NATO paint though (you could have asked me, I could have just gone to the paint bay and picked some up for you ;) ).

    The Scorpions look great (I'm sad to say that they are one of my favourite tanks) as do the Fuchs and Scimitar...they will look superb with some UNIT troops to back them up.

  3. :) lol.... The NATO paint basically was a quick cheat.. instead of painting the things it was easier to get a spray can of matt NATO paint and spray them..... couple of minutes and they were basic green... would have taken ages with a brush and looked messy...... could have used my air brush but the hobby paints out there are not great colour matches really... i have about 10 greens and non seem to match :/ ...even tamyias nato green is far too bright...