Friday, 12 February 2010


It's been a while since i updated... :/ I've have had a bit of a loss of hobby mojo recently and haven't seemed to be motivated to do much since before Christmas...... today i got my mojo back and painted 5 Brits from the gripping beast mo-fo range, i picked up an army pack at the penarth wargames show "Crusade" jan 30th 2010..... the idea was to use them as classic UNIT troops for my Doctor who miniatures, but after i had painted the old classic khaki berets i decided i didn't like them, so i went for UN blue.....

Also on the painting table today was.... Banana Kev..... who is sold through Hasslefree Miniatures, and was sculpted/dressed by me. He was part of the Dress a Kev comp Hasslefree held back in 2009, turns out that mine was picked by the Hasslefree White children as the funniest of all of the entries..... :)

why i sculpted kev in a banana costume is down to a long running joke over on the forum of doom, i apparently have an obsession with bananas after i sculpted a rather joyful looking dancing banana based on a well known dancing banana smiley... lol ... why i gave kev a pistol though, i don't know lol.....

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  1. Blimey...I'd almost given up hope with this blog...and then you go and post Unit troops and a Kevin Banana... could I possibly give up hope with these appearing out of the blue ;)?!

    Keep up the good work...those Unit troops look great.